Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Schneider Electric India. She is responsible for managing every aspect of Web, SEO, Online Advertising, Analytics.
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Understanding Smart Grid in Smart Switchgear

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smart home

How IoT and Smart Technology Will Change Our Homes in 2020

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Medium Voltage Digital Transformation: Smarter, Safer, and Longer Lasting Equipment

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Exploring Power Transformer Protection for Power Systems: Failure Types and Differential Protection

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SCADA vs IoT: the Role of SCADA Systems in Manufacturing’s Industry 4.0

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Benefits of Soft Starters – All You Need to Know

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Home Backup Power

The Importance of Battery Backup for Industrial Purposes

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Lightning surge protection: two is better than one

Surge Protection and its Role in Electrical Maintenance

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How Network Connectivity is Bridging the Communication Gap Across the World?

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The Future Generation of HMI and SCADA

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Electrical Contractors

What is the Use of Different Types of Relays: Contactors, Electric and Protection Relays?

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The Benefits of Power Factor Correction That Can Impact Your Daily Life

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