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Philippe Delorme

Philippe Delorme joined Schneider Electric in 1996. He is Executive Vice-President, Energy Management since 2019 and Member of the Executive Committee since 2009. He held various positions in operations in the US and in France. He started his career as a Solution Sales engineer and then took R&D management position within the Electrical Distribution division in France up to 2000. He then took responsibility for the Power Monitoring & Control business between 2000 up to 2007 (in France at the beginning and as of 2004 in the US). In 2008, Philippe took the job of executive secretary of the Executive committee and drove the definition and execution of the Company Transformation program called One Schneider Electric. In 2009 he became Executive Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation and joined the Executive Committee of the Group. Afterward, in 2012, he obtained the role of the Executive Vice President, Building & IT, based in Hong Kong. Since February 2019, he holds the position of Executive Vice President, Energy Management Bussiness. Philippe graduated from the Centrale Paris engineering school and has completed a MBA of International Business at Sciences Po Paris (France).
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The Reinvention of Buildings in the Digital Age

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