Norm Campbell

Norm Campbell currently is the National Account Manager with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for Schneider Electric’s Global Blogging Community. My goal is to coordinate and build Schneider's efforts in providing valued solutions that help VA provide the most effective facilities to veterans throught the United States. Over the past 20 plus years in the business worls, Norm’s been involved with the sales, marketing, business development and engineering within the manufacturing, utility and federal market segments. He is a passionate supporter of energy effectiveness and infrastructure designed to make our jobs and lives better for tomorrow. Norm is an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame where he earned his Aerospace Mechanical Engineering degree, Chamindae UNiversity where he earned his MBA with a concentration in International Businaa and New York Institute of Technology where he earned his Masters in Energy Management. Additionally, he is the Indiana Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers and actively involved in energy and military veteran causes impacting our daily lives. As a resident of the Midwest United States and an Indiana Hoosier, Norm is passionate about activities in the great outdoors including running, hiking, biking and golf. Follow him on Twitter @runnernpc
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Making Your Case

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To Integrate or Not Integrate…. That is the Question.

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Risk – A Four Letter Word You Should Mention

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Schneider Electric Glide Slope 2

Is Your Energy Glide Slope Set for a Smooth Landing?

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