Natalia Pachon

Natalia Pachón

Natalia is the Schneider Electric Blog Manager. She is a journalist with more than eight years of experience in communications, and has a master degree in International and Political Studies. She has worked as Reporter in media outlets, Community Manager for SME's, and Internal Communications Specialist for multinational companies. Natalia has been with Schneider for the last five years, supporting the Internal Communications function within Global Marketing. Recently, she has taken on the challenge to lead the Schneider Electric Blog. She loves blogging, writing powerful and compelling stories, and reading fiction books. She also has a weakness for cats and Colombian coffee.
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Yeonjoo’s Journey: The Adventure of Living in the Pearl of the Orient

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From the Rocky Mountains to the French Alps

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Brazilian expat on the adventure of living abroad

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What Does ‘Home’ Mean To You?

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‘Four winters in Moscow’: Offer Marketing Director shares his expat journey

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Executive ‘Global nomad’ on living in four countries and three continents

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The Journey of Oz: from Egypt to the United States

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