Matt Smith

Matt Smith was a Commodity Analyst for Schneider Electric Global Research & Analytics. He also writes a blog called Energy Burrito, which takes financial market ingredients and dices and wraps them in an energy-flavored tortilla. nolonger5544SE%

How Currencies Impact Commodities

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Could Solar be the Largest Electricity Source by 2050?

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Key Energy Stats – The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

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Cartographic Capers of US Energy Consumption and Global Emissions

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If Katy Perry and I Were To Do a Duet…

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How Natural Gas is Changing the Energy Landscape in China

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Hitting the gas…and the brakes

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Ten Points about the Current Global Coal Market

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Some Preposterous Data Points Running the Gamut of Energy

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Some Nuggets on the US Energy Boom

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Mixed Signals Relating to Clean Energy Progress

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Novel Ideas for Energy Generation

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