Energy Burrito (Matt Smith)

Matt Smith

Matt Smith was a Commodity Analyst for Schneider Electric Global Research & Analytics. He also writes a blog called Energy Burrito, which takes financial market ingredients and dices and wraps them in an energy-flavored tortilla. nolonger5544SE%

The Flip Side of Low Oil Prices

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Commodity Excess across the Energy Complex

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Progress on the Solar Energy Front

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Changing Seasons in the Energy Landscape

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Trends in Wind Generation, Driving Habits and Network-enabled Devices

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The USA Crude Oil Conundrum

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Noil! How Oil Prices Impact other Commodities

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The Impact of Gasoline Prices on the US Consumer

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What I Think About When I Think About Crude Oil

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Actions Speak Louder than Words for Oil

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Energy Trends in Africa

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The Shakeout of US Shale Oil Break-evens

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