Madhumita Kalauny

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Madhumita was the product marketing manager for Wonderware Skelta BPM.
3 min read
BPM on Cloud

Trends and Benefits of Cloud Based BPM Software

8.0K views 11 0 994
3 min read

Extending BPM to Geo Spatial software

6.6K views 101 21 827
2 min read
BPM software excellence at Fujirebio

Measurable Outcome for BPM Software in Life Sciences – The Award Winning Fujirebio Diagnostics Success Story

7.8K views 112 7 891
2 min read

5 Steps to Drive Value through the Asset Lifecycle with Workflow solutions

7.7K views 116 0 1.4K
2 min read
BPM software powers IIoT

BPM software application with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

10.5K views 201 26 1.7K
2 min read

BPM software enables business transformation in asset intensive organizations

8.4K views 492 8 1.4K
3 min read
BPM Solutions & IoT

BPM Solutions and IoT: The signal of True Disruption

9.8K views 99 7 1.3K
2 min read

BPM software on the cloud and what we need to know

7.1K views 57 8 1.2K
1 min read
BPM in Manufacturing

Enterprise level opportunities for BPM software in manufacturing

8.9K views 486 12 1.3K