Maurizio Frizziero

Maurizio Frizziero

Maurizio Frizziero is the Director of Cooling Product Management and marketing for the Secure Power Division of Schneider Electric. Maurizio has over 15 years of cooling business experience with a specialization in mission-critical applications and IT/Data Center solutions. In 2003, he entered the cooling business at Uniflair S.p.A., where he worked in research and development as well as in product management roles, developing his expertise in thermodynamic solutions for continuous cooling, high-temperature operations, and noise impacts. In 2011 Maurizio joined Schneider Electric as product line manager for technical chiller and air economizers. In 2018 he was appointed as Director for Cooling Product Management and Marketing. In his current role, he coordinates all product marketing actions and activities for cooling in Schneider Electric, including new product specifications and requirements with a focus on innovative and sustainable cooling solutions for customers. Maurizio holds a master's degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Padua.
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