Mark Hurley

Mark Hurley is a Data Center Solution Architect at Schneider Electric, responsible for bringing together the full suite of Schneider Electric products and services to provide right sized, cost effective, risk based, innovative data center solutions for our customers. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Mark was the SVP/Engineering Services Executive at Bank of America which included an enterprise data center portfolio totaling over 82MW of UPS capacity. Mark’s responsibilities included; development of the data center strategy, managing operational risk and cost, establishing critical facility design standards and, implementation of energy reduction strategies to meet the company’s environmental and sustainability goals.
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Location, Location, Location: Getting the Data Center Site Right

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Keystone NAP Implements Prefabricated Modular Design for its Advanced Data Center Facility

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Data Center Cost per Megawatt – Buyer Beware

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Accounting for Risk in Your Data Center Design/Build Strategy

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4 Key Considerations of a Data Center Design/Build Strategy

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