Mahika Khanna

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Mahika is working with the E-commerce team and leads the promotion for the E-commerce website for Schneider Electric. Her functional expertise includes Brand management, Sales and Marketing, Pricing, Promotions, Channel management, distribution, ATL & BTL activities and Digital campaigns. She has also worked on some of the creative adverts which has boosted the product sales. She has a total experience of 5 years in MNC’s and previously worked with Bosch Ltd.
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KNX Multitouch Interface for Smart Homes

Planning to Renovate Your Home? Fab Homes Bundle is the Solution

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smart home

Why One Should go for Smart Homes – Not Only for Luxury but Also For Safety

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Gear up for the Festive Season with Schneider Electric

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Modern Home

Schneider Electric’s Premium Range of Electrical Devices are Unique, Reliable and Modern

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What to Consider When Renovating a House

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Why it is Important to have an RCCB in a Distribution Board

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electrical safety

Completing 72 years of Independent India and How Our Homes Have Evolved

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light switches

This Independence Day I Would Choose Convenience to Shop

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New Switch

Specifications of Neo Switch and How to Install it

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Zencelo Switch and its Uses in Urban Homes Explained

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light switches

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Modular Switches and Sockets

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