Lori Castle

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Lori is a journalist with a decade's experience reporting on technology. As a blogger in residence, she will cover top stories from across Schneider Electric. In consult with Schneider Electric experts and customers, she’ll bring you the inside scoop on data center technologies and commentary from industry specialists on leading trends.
2 min read

Transparency Comes True: T5 Takes in the Full View through DCIM

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2 min read

Are you ready for a Human Free Data Center?

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2 min read

Data Centers in the Extreme: From Mountain to Sea

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Personalities in the Data Center: What Our Research Says About You!

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2 min read

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Air Economization Options

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2 min read

Getting Closer To The Edge: In The Future, Will Everyone Own a Data Center?

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Personality test: What sort of data center manager are you?

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1 min read

The Blogs of Summer: 5 Must Reads

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