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Lori Castle

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Lori is a journalist with a decade's experience reporting on technology. As a blogger in residence, she will cover top stories from across Schneider Electric. In consult with Schneider Electric experts and customers, she’ll bring you the inside scoop on data center technologies and commentary from industry specialists on leading trends.

Learning Across Industries: 5 Vertical Looks at Data Centers

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RagingWire’s Ashburn VA2 Data Center Designed for At Scale Computing

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Uptime Institute’s Take on DCOI

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World Wide Technology (WWT) to Participate in DCOI Summit

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4 Ways IronGate is Hitting Colocation’s New Sweet Spot

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Find Out All You Need to Know about Every Phase of the Data Center Life Cycle

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The Year in DCIM: StruxureWare for Data Centers Establishes Market Position

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Schneider Electric Building Insights Award - 2016

Building Insights Gets Bronze: Solution Honored by Plant Engineering Magazine

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Data Center

Have Your Say: 2016 Data Center Predictions

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Are You Really that Special? Managing Uniqueness in the Data Center

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Best of 2015

For Auld Lang Syne: Top 10 Data Center Blogs of 2015

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Next Generation Colocation: T5 Opens Up To Customers with StruxureWare DCIM

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