Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

Kevin is responsible for the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and IT infrastructure management software business, which provides customers insight into the resiliency and availability of their infrastructure. He also serves as head of the Energy Management Technology Research Center, which researches market trends and creates content that helps customers make smart and pragmatic business and technology decisions. Formerly CTO and CMO of Secure Power, Kevin has held senior management roles in product development, marketing, and software development in the power electronics and HVAC industries. He’s passionate about harnessing technology to address the challenges of resiliency, availability, and sustainability. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. IoT World named Kevin its inaugural CxO of the Year in 2019 for outstanding leadership in IoT success, and Data Economy selected him as one of the World’s Top 50 Edge Computing Influencers in 2018.
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Man in data center with iPad

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor: Leveraging the Cloud & Big Data Analytics to Eliminate Boundaries  

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two women shopping in a mall

Seismic Shifts in Consumer Buying and Digitalization of Shopping Reveal How IOT and Edge Computing are Essential in the Changing Retail Scene

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When Lag Time Interferes with your Favorite Live app, it’s not Trivial

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snowman edge computing

Decoding the data center of the future with help from A Christmas Story

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IoT, Edge Computing, Big Data – Creating the Next Wave in Data Center Innovation

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Crystal Ball

Predicting the Future of Densities

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Conspiracy Theories and Facts: AC versus DC update

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DC vs. AC

Great Hoaxes: Bigfoot, UFO’s, and DC vs. AC efficiency studies

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Where do metrics end and intelligent humans begin?

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Tech Vault Gartner Data Center 2011

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Why data center management tools need to be more like social networks and less like the IRS

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Energy Efficiency

Sporks Part II: How many tools do you need to manage a data center?

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