José Ramón Sanz

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José Ramón Sanz and Antonio Egido co-founded Automatizacion Industrial De Teruel (AIT) in 2006. José Ramón saw the need to support local process industry clients with the assembly of industrial electrical panels and the maintenance of factory production equipment. AIT started its support of businesses in its home province of Teruel and over the next decade, expanded its support into other regions, such as Catalonia, Guadalajara, Valencia, and Zaragoza. Under José Ramón’s management, AIT has worked with its diverse clients to assemble food and fertilizer processing lines, to automate irrigation systems, to install and monitor drinking water supply systems, to program and maintain wastewater treatment plants, and to improve automation in production lines. As business has grown, José Ramón and his dedicated team have added programming, consulting, and production performance improvement services. They are passionate about filling in the skills gap that many clients experience. José Ramón holds degrees in Industrial Automation and Robotics and in Electrical Facilities from Segundo de Chomóm Institute, Teruel. When he’s not working, José Ramón enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in outdoor sports.
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