Jonathan Russi

Jonathan Russi, Executive Director at Vale Automacão Industrial, began his career in 2004 in the electric sector at Walter Schmidt. The training, support, and experience gained there, enabled Jonathan to develop a strong sense of business values. Supported by these values, Jonathan moved forward within the company where he faced important challenges with great commitment and energy. In 2010 he contributed with a 59% growth for the company, continued his learning by leading the sales team, and in 2015 took on his first management challenge as supervisor of the Blumenau sales team. In 2017, Jonathan took a giant leap and began Vale Automacão, building on his business experience and everything he learned from leaders and customers. He built a small but strong team and allied Vale with partners who added a lot of value to the work. Every year since its launch, Vale Automacão has increased its business, customers, and relevance in the industrial market. Vale is committed to specialized marketing and adding high-quality products and technology. Partners, such as Schneider Electric, help Vale provide specialized solutions, expand the scope of its capabilities, and help customers with digital transformation.
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Industry 4.0

In Brazil, Industry 4.0 is about striking a balance between old and new

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