Jeff Meyers

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Jeff Meyers is a second-generation electrical engineer, and former president of Telvent Miner & Miner. In his 30-year utility career, Meyers has designed electric substations and transmission lines, and developed system planning and protection studies. Since 1987, he has worked on more than 50 GIS development projects for a variety of gas, electric and other utilities, based on the developing and evolving technology of ESRI and Telvent. In 2008, he relinquished his role as head of Telvent M&M to focus exclusively on Smart Grid technology. Meyers is a registered professional engineer in several states of the US. and a five-time Speaker of The Year award winner of GITA. Most recently, Meyers has been helping Telvent users understand the Smart Grid and how the use of integrated technology can bring energy efficiencies to the industry.
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