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Hervé Coureil

Hervé Coureil joined Schneider Electric in 1993. Since June 2020, he is Chief Governance Officer & Secretary-General. Prior to assuming this role, Hervé served as Chief Digital Officer from 2017-2020 then as Chief Information Officer from 2009-2017 responsible for information technology, processes, and organization globally. Previously he was the Chief Financial Officer for the Critical Power and Cooling Services (CPCS) Business Unit of Schneider Electric, which was formed in early 2007 following the acquisition of APC Corp. and its merger with MGE-UPS Systems. Hervé’s responsibilities included overseeing Legal, IT, and Strategy. In the past, he has held a variety of finance and business development positions with Schneider Electric including Senior Vice President Finance, Control and Business Development for the Asia Pacific Operating Division of Schneider Electric, Vice President Financial Control for the International Division, Corporate Officer for Mergers and Acquisitions, and Financial Controller of various organizations. Hervé holds a Master in Management from Reims Management School and a Graduado en Ciencias Empresariales Europeas from ICADE in Madrid.
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