Henrik Leerberg

Henrik Leerberg, director of marketing and strategy for data center managed service & software, has been with Schneider Electric since 2007. Henrik has worked in software and electronics businesses throughout his entire career, operating in B2B markets. He has gained more than 20 years of product development and leadership experience from a range of software companies. His involvement in all aspects from engineering over marketing and sales to administration has built a solid foundation for a broad business understanding. Henrik’s positions have varied from System Engineer over R&D Manager to CEO in a wide variety of companies from venture-backed start-ups to international billion-dollar corporations. Henrik’s major results originate from working on the ‘fault line’ that resides between business and developing high-tech products – bridging these two very specialized worlds to create commercial products and concepts and capitalize on market value. Bringing new products and services to market and developing the business around them are cornerstones in Henrik’s career. Prior to joining Schneider Electric in 2007, Henrik held positions ranging from Business Unit Manager to CEO in various international software companies, including; Ericsson, Bang & Olufsen, Baan Company and IAR Systems. Henrik holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Marketing and Business Administration from Aarhus University, Denmark

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