Fadli Hamsani

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For 12+ years, Fadli Hamsani has led manufacturing programs for process engineering, maintenance, industrialization, and digitization. In 2018, he launched the Digital Transformation and Smart Factory Program Deployment that delivers manufacturing digitization and innovation solutions from the shop floor and top floor to the end-to-end supply chain. As the Digital Transformation Manager for Indonesia, Fadli supports cross selling digital solutions, while driving the Smart factory program and leveraging its business impact. He is actively leading solutions for the academic, business, and government communities. In addition to consulting and speaking engagements for the Smart Factory Program and Industry 4.0, Fadli is an Industry 4.0 Transformation training manager for Indonesia, and an assessor in Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry Making Indonesia 4.0 program. He is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Network Lighthouse Industry 4.0.
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3 Steps to Ensure Digital Transformation Theory Translates into Factory Productivity Benefits

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