Fabiana Galvao

Fabiana currently leads the Access to Energy Program in Brazil, and has been part of the former BipBop Program team for the last 3,5years. Due to her 10 years experience in NGOs in Brazil and New York, she has the right skills and creativity to stitch partnerships amongst strategic stakeholders involved in the sustainable deployment of energy access programs, including internal teams. Before working with the third sector, she was responsible for the sales channel of the IT company Veritas, and was an account manager at CA (Computer Associates). This combination gave her both hard skills and soft skills to deal from settlement communities to CEOs of big companies. Fabiana holds a Masters Science degree in International Affairs with specialization in Latin America and Economic Development from Columbia University/SIPA, and is a specialist in fundraising from New York University, where she developed the ability to rightly answer to RFPs (requests for proposal) for NGOs, aiming to gather funds for diverse projects. In Brazil this is especially important, since there is a lack of resources for off-grid initiatives, and a strong culture of participatory decision processes, creating a need to involve the third sector. Her motivation comes from being in the field, listening to communities and then building bridges amongst potential business and educational partners who can, with Schneider, address those peoples’ needs, while meeting results.
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What I learned From an Access to Energy Program with a Gender Lens in Brazil

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