Estelle Schweizer

Estelle Schweizer is the Strategic Marketing Manager for the global Healthcare and Life Sciences segments within Schneider Electric. With over 18 years of experience under her belt, she makes sense of the complexities facing healthcare organizations today. She is adverse to sugar-coating and relies instead on truth to ensure we deliver optimal value to our customers. When she’s not drawing up marketing blueprints, you can probably find her trying to capture the New England summer. Follow her on Twitter @SE_EstelleS
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the top 5 ways to reduce hospital noise Schneider Electric

The Top 5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Noise

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Shh! This is a hospital Schneider Electric

Sound Matters: Why All Hospital Noise is Not Created Equal

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The Hidden Dangers of Hospital Noise Schneider electric

The Hidden Dangers of Hospital Noise

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A big Bold Quiet Please sign posting Schneider Electric

The Sound of Silence?: Trends in Rising Hospital Noise

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NetShelter Schneider Electric APC

The Perfect Server-Room-in-a-Box for Healthcare Clinics

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Building Accelerator Methodology Life Sciences Schneider Electric New Contruction Retrofit

An inside look at designing building automation for life sciences facilities

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Strategies for Controlling Costs for Clinics and Offsite Ambulatory Care Centers

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5 Top Questions about the NetShelter CX – A Server-Room-in-a-Box

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How to Choose a “Server Room in a Box” for Healthcare Facilities

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2014 ASHE Annual Conference Recap

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Hospital Emotional Intelligence: Is it Possible?

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ASHE Annual Conference – Pre-Show Gossip

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