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The Life at Schneider blog section and Employee Voices profile are dedicated to shining a light on the people who make Schneider Electric a great organization. This blog will feature the stories of our people, written by actual Schneider Electric employees. Here you can find career tips, unique and inspiring career paths, the accomplishments and recognition of our team members, and an inside look at what life at Schneider Electric is really like.
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Positive Impact of a Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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Embracing Change in a Pandemic World

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I Did It All, Just Not All At Once

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Women in Management Roles at Schneider Electric

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Liziane’s Career as an Edison Expert in South America

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Choosing to Challenge Myself in an Already Challenging World

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Single Mother Supported by New Ways of Working

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Choose To Challenge the Perception of Girls in STEM

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Woman In Leadership Balances Work and Life

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Dad On Parental Leave – I would not trade this time for a yearly salary

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As We Grow Our Business, We Grow Our People

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#SEGreatPeople | India Gibson: How Mentors Give Me Wings

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