Emmanuel Lagarrigue

As Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Executive Committee, Emmanuel is responsible for creating new profitable growth engines and driving a culture of open and collaborative innovation. He has direct responsibility of the corporate venture and incubation programs, energy transition businesses and joint ventures. He also oversees Schneider Electric’s partnership programs that bring new technology bricks and business models from start-ups, and connect them with our businesses through pilot projects. Previously, he was the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.
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Renewable Energy: Common Myths Debunked

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Podcast: How accelerators can drive equitable, sustainable innovation

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Pragmatic approaches to a clean energy future

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How to innovate in turbulent times

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Now is the time to build resilience

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Innovation pirates and the navy

The Navy Needs Pirates

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5 Ways to Collaborate with Startups

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How to Adapt to the New Energy Landscape

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All in on Innovation

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Become a Corporate Sustainability Activist

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Bold Ideas for Financing and Regulations to Close the Energy Gap

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Decentralization Defined & What It Means for You

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