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Daniel Radu

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I have a PhD in electrical engineering and currently works with Schneider Electric on Shore Connection systems and power system transient analysis. I also have expertise in power system modeling and analysis and LV and MV system and equipment design. I am a technical expert with IEC committees TC18 and 23 and have been an IEEE member since the mid-2000s. I am convener of the IEC/ISO/IEEE Joint Working Group 28 working on Shore Connection Standards.

What does it mean, technically and economically speaking, to switch from rotary to static frequency conversion?

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A standard shore connection now for low voltage vessels

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High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC)

Increasing the Short-circuit Current in a Shore Connection System

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Shore Connection

Ports: How does Shore Power cut emissions and boost business?

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Ports, Shore connection

Portside emissions: a real health hazard

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Ships with shore connection system

Ships: Rules and regulations getting tougher about Shore power

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Any Cold Iron? Shore power for a healthier environment and business

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Finally, an opportunity to clean up global ports and make them more profitable

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