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David Orgaz D’Hollander Senior VP Plant Solutions, Industry Business, Schneider Electric David joined Schneider Electric as a program director based in Shanghai, after completing an MBA at INSEAD in 2007. In May 2010 David was appointed to lead both the Process Automation System Activity (PlantStruxure) and the Plant Solutions Marketing teams, where he was based in Singapore. In mid-2012 David became the Senior Vice President of the Plant Solutions organization. Plant Solutions is the domain in charge of process automation products, systems and solutions for Schneider Electric. David leads this global team of 1000+ people, who are located in hubs in France, Australia, Canada, the US, China and India. David has established the global headquarters of the Plant Solutions organization in Shanghai, where he is now based. David has a Master of Science degree in Electrotechnics and a Masters Degree in Automation, and prior to joining Schneider Electric he spent 10 years with Siemens in Belgium and Germany in a variety of roles including engineering, project management, account management and business development. In these roles he was mainly focusing on the steel industry in China and Russia.

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