Dennis Bouley

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Dennis Bouley is Client Advocate and Content Producer at MediaSolve Group, a strategic B2B marketing services firm focused on helping companies and institutions leverage the web and social media to achieve business goals. He spent 18 years at Schneider Electric as Managing Editor of Schneider Electric Global Publications, and worked as a Senior Research Analyst at Schneider Electric's Data Center Science Center. He holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and French from the University of Rhode Island and holds the Certificat Annuel from the Sorbonne in Paris, France.
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The IEC 61850 standard: The force behind a less costly way to engineer a utility substation

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Straight talk on cyber security threats to industrial control systems

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Unleash the Service and Energy Efficiency Benefits of Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

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Why smart meters are key to achieving high efficiency buildings

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The value of Ethernet for merging data and power cables

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Cyber Security update: Dynamic Endpoint Modeling vs. Network Intrusion Detection

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Where Are You Along the Power Distribution Equipment Maintenance Maturity Scale?

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Cyber Security: Are your network intrusion systems in place for critical infrastructure protection?

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5 Tips for Structuring a Reliable Power Distribution Equipment Maintenance Plan

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Remote maintenance: Early diagnosis of problems without breaking your travel budget

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Ethernet and Automation Controller Marriage Proving to be a Successful One

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No More Excuses for Failing to Monitor Remote Wiring Closets and Server Rooms

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