Darby Swank

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Darby Swank is the Director of Electronic Tolling Solutions for Schneider Electric. Mr. Swank has over 20 years of Project Management, Program Development, and Technology experience. Swank’s experience in the toll industry includes the oversight and management of such projects as the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) E-ZPass system in New York. One of the largest toll systems in the world, MTA collects over $1.4 Billion in tolls annually using the Telvent toll system as overseen by Mr. Swank. Mr. Swank successfully managed the Central Texas RMA Open Road Tolling system and subsequently the first All-Electronic toll system implementation for CTRMA. Recently as project Principal, Mr. Swank managed the design, development and installation of the WSDOT SR520 Floating Bridge Toll System. He serves as technical management support for Schneider Toll Systems world-wide including concessionaire projects and traditional toll system implementations.
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Importance of Open Standards in Tolling Systems

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