David Willick, a 30+ year veteran in the mining, metals and minerals industry, joined Schneider Electric in January 2017. He is the VP and Regional Segment Leader for Schneider Electric in North America, where he leads all Mining, Metals and Minerals customer engagement for Schneider Electric. David is also very active in the Mining and Metals community outside of Schneider Electric as well and is a past board member of the National Mining Association in Washington DC and the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation in Sudbury, Ontario. He is a member of the Ontario Mining Association Energy, Climate Change and Environment Committees as well as a member of the Development Partnership Institute, Global Mining Group, Association of Iron and Steel Technology and Canadian Mining Institute. David is a Chemical Engineer with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from the University of Waterloo and a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario Canada.
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Sustainabile mining

5 Questions Mining, Minerals, and Metals Companies Must Ask to Take Sustainability to the Next Level

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Solar installers

Why 98% of commercial and industrial buildings aren’t getting the most value out of their solar installations

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Universal automation: The new bridge linking plant OT and IT systems

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Power and Process

Bridging power and process automation silos drive higher manufacturing efficiency

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data center renewable energy

Understanding the options for renewable energy for data centers

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Open Process Automation

Five Industry Leaders Are Teaming with ExxonMobil on Open Process Automation. This Changes Everything.

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The Electrical Infrastructure of Critical Facilities | ASCO Power Technologies

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data center design

Strategic partnerships are key to faster data centre delivery 

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Integrated Power and Process

How to Optimize the Mining Value Chain with Digitally Integrated Power and Process Operations

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condition-based electrical assets maintenance

The benefits of moving from traditional to condition-based electrical asset maintenance

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Engineering simulation and success in IoT product design

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The end of globalization? How crises are reshaping supply chains

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