As the Senior Vice President, Building Segments and Digital Energy Strategy, I have a passion for driving customer engagement, advancing the sustainability agenda in our day-to-day lives—particularly in the buildings we live in—and motivating my teams to deliver their best. Buildings and cities play a significant role in tackling the #ClimateCrisis, and the solution will lie in the urgent mass adoption of electric and digital technologies. To ensure a more climate-friendly world for everyone, we MUST create future-ready buildings—offices, retail destinations, hospitals, hotels, schools—that are sustainable, resilient, hyper energy-efficient, and people-centric. I began my career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs in Paris and London, then spent nearly a decade in private equity in the consumer/retail space, working closely with management teams on transformation plans. I joined Schneider Electric in 2016, initially as part of the M&A team in London. While there, I spearheaded Corporate Strategy for the Group and Energy Management Strategy out of Hong Kong. I’m originally from Switzerland and France, then also became British, and I graduated from HEC Grande École in 2002. I've also lived in the UK for over a decade and Hong Kong and I am now in Boston. I love the outdoors: I have a Scuba Diving divemaster certification, and I'm an avid hiker and skier of all types. And having lived in some of the most gastronomically beautiful cities in the world, I'm also a foodie.
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Leadership lessons from Schneider Electric's CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire to those starting their careers today.

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