Andy Schonberger

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Andy Schonberger joined Earth Rangers early in 2010 after completing an MBA in Business and Sustainability at York University in Toronto. Since then, Andy has led Earth Rangers efforts to engage the building community at the Earth Rangers Centre, highlighting its efforts to reduce the impact of its headquarters. Earth Rangers primary mission is to educate and inspire children - to “Bring Back the Wild” - by protecting biodiversity and preventing habitat loss. Andy is working with Earth Rangers partners, sponsors (and parents) to continue to innovate and show what is possible in a fully integrated green building. His team strives to show that not was the Earth Rangers Centre designed to be a low environmental impact building, but that is being operated at the highest levels of excellence as well. Before joining Earth Rangers, Andy worked in primary steel manufacturing and wire galvanizing, using his skills as a mechanical engineer to drive efficient production and integration efforts. This experience serves him well at Earth Rangers, where the facility team is working to integrate all building systems to achieve the next level of conservation and efficiency in a high performance building. Andy’s ten years of industrial and operations experience have exposed him to the rigors of operations, including; LEED certification, energy auditing, systems integration, tenant and staff engagement, marketing and business development. Andy is a LEED AP, specializing in Operations and Maintenance, a Certified Energy Manager, and Profressional Engineer registered in the province of Ontario.
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