Andy Haun

Andy Haun is the Senior Vice President - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) responsible for defining technology and product innovation strategies for Schneider Electric’s Information Technology Business. The Schneider Electric IT Business is a global leader in data center solutions including computing racks, cooling equipment and mission critical power management products. Andy’s most recent attention has been focused on optimized critical power chain products and solutions including the use of innovative technologies for highly efficient UPS’s, application and infrastructure design for direct current (DC) powered computing appliances and the pervasive introduction of medium voltage products when applied to extra large data centers. Likewise, he is pursuing the extended functionality of Schneider Electric’s broad StuxureWare software suite, targeting data center infrastructure management. Beginning with Square D Company in 1985, Andy has led many key product development and technical innovations during his 28 year tenure with Schneider Electric and holds 20 patents relating to circuit protection, relaying and power control. Andy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University Iowa and has an MBA from Duke University.
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