Andrew Kling

Andrew Kling

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Andy has over thirty years of software development experience. He has worked in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) development organization at Schneider Electric since 2001. Andy has ushered the Schneider Electric Process Automation Development team to the first in the world ISA Secure - Secure Development Lifecycle Assurance certification for three development sites on three different continents. In this responsibility Andy is chartered with improving our Secure Development Lifecycle adoption, ensuring that cybersecurity requirements are part of every project that is executed.

The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance: Heeding the Need for Collaboration; Acting as Agents of Change

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Balancing Act: Regulation and Incentives in Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity Risk Management and Your Preparedness

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Cybersecurity Risk Management in the supply chain

Cybersecurity Risk Management in Your Supply Chain

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Cybersecurity Risk Management and Your Bottom Line

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Is securing a plant simply becoming too complex?

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